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We Serve The Humanity!



To ensure quality health care as a fundamental right of every individual.
Provide free state-of-the-art medical cover without discrimination.



To focus on creating an excellence-driven, comprehensive, compassionate, free-of-charge, and replicable healthcare system accessible to all.



 Any good stewardship plan involves consistent and strategic engagement with your donors through a number of channels and with a variety of touchpoints



Years of experience and expertise with the mission of fighting cancer, and unprecedented commitment to patient care, education, and research

Our Services

Upgradation Of Gurdawara's

The allocation will be used to upgrade and beautify the gurdwara building, said GSJB committee secretary Manjeet Singh. Asocial activist, demanded that the historic site should get the attention of the government as it could become a major pilgrimage place

Free Eye Camp

Unfortunately, cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in many parts of the developing world including in Pakistan, but with your help, we can fight to make such preventable conditions a thing of the past. Ehsaas holds free Eye Camps in the most deprived areas of Pakistan to help avoid blindness by undertaking eye check-ups and cataract operations 745 people were checked and your donations provided 50 cataract operations, eye check-ups, spectacles and medicines to respective patients.

Free Medical Camp

Transparent Hands provides, free medical and surgical treatment facility to the deserving patients across Pakistan in private hospitals. It also sets up free medical camps in rural areas of the country. Transparent Hands is also providing healthcare at doorstep through its advanced tele-health service.

Education Expenses

Donations to this project will pay the public school fees for primary aged children who presently do not attend school for want of funds. When you donate to the project, you will have a direct impact in a young person's life - in fact, you will be giving them a future by ensuring they learn to read and write. Our project targets the least advantaged families in our community - widows who have lost their husbands to HIV and children with disabilities.

Family Support

A monthly donation allows us to plan long-term, knowing we’ll have enough funds to support a family for as long as they need help. We gratefully accept donations made in memory of a loved one, either in lieu of flowers at their funeral or to remember their birthday or anniversary.


Here are the most frequently asked questions asked by our community!

Balbinder singh nanuwan is the founder of this organization!

Yes, 100% are in the right hands. All the money totally spent on the needy people to help in their education, medical, marriage, family support!

Yes, I do. In some countries, there is no welfare system so the only form of assistance which poor people or disabled people can get is from charities. For example, some of the local charities around here provide food, clothing and even education support for needy people which really helps to get them back on their feet. So, without help from chanties, these people would have very serious