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We Serve The Humanity!



President Balbinder Singh Nanuwan has been working for the community for the last 40 years. Since 1999, in Pakistan, we do all the volunteer work and want to help the people.



Our vision is to provide help to needy people. We do all the volunteer work. Raised Funds in Gurdwara’s and Now Collecting Donation All over the globe, to feed and help needy people.



Every Sunday we go to gurudwaras and raised money for needy people to help them with their basic needs. Whatever we do is all for humanity. We do all the volunteer work.



Since 1999 and 2012 Kar Sewa Community UK, I have been a treasure since 1999, and for KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY I’ve been the President & director, since 2012, in CANADA AND UK.

About Me


Birth place: Gobind Pur, District Nawanshahar, Panjab
In our village of Gobind Pur, our mahala (area) was called the Fauji Mahala (Army Area). All of the
older generation living in this area participated in World War One and World War Two.
Parents: (late) Joginder Singh Nanuwan and (late) Parkash Kaur Nanuwan.
Joginder Singh was in World War Two and was fighting in all European countries. Both mother and
father are amritdhari (baptized Sikhs).

Our Services

Upgradation Of Gurdawara's

The allocation will be used to upgrade and beautify the gurdwara building. A social activist, demanded that the historic site get the attention of the government as it could become a major pilgrimage site. Check out the Complete List of Gurudwara's by clicking read more button below.

Free Eye Camp

Unfortunately, cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in many parts of the developing world including in Pakistan, but with your help, we can fight to make such preventable conditions a thing of the past. KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY Since 2012, doing free eye camp in Gurudwara TAMBU Sahib Nankana Sahib. We doing free eye camps last sunday of each month. We doing 14/15 eye camp Every Year. Click below button to read more about our Eye camping services.

Free Medical Camp

Transparent Hands provides, free medical and surgical treatment facility to the deserving patients across the INDIA in private hospitals. It also sets up free medical camps in Punjab, INDIA.

In India, last ten years, We did free Eye camp, free cancer camps & free hearing aid camp. We helping the widows with 2 or 3 childrens in marriage process.
Read more about our free medical camp by clicking the button below.

Education Expenses

Donations to this project will pay the public school fees for primary-aged children who presently do not attend school for want of funds. When you donate to the project, you will have a direct impact on a young person's life - in fact, you will be giving them a future by ensuring they learn to read and write. Our project targets the least advantaged families in our community—widows who have lost their husbands and children with disabilities. Read more about us via clicking the below button.

Family Support

A monthly donation allows us to plan long-term, knowing we’ll have enough funds to support a family for as long as they need help. We also help in some needy England families with food and clothes.
Read more about us via clicking the below button.

Completed Projects

It's all possible with your donations, and we hoping for your support through out this journey.


Kiws help more than 460 Girls from poor families with their wedding

Eye Camp

KIWS treated more then 70-75 thousands Patients every year in 14 Camps .

Family Support

KIWS helps needy families more than 1460 families Kiws Marriage 50 Girls in the U.K. are divorced or widows with 2-3 Children

Educational Expenses

KIWS pays more than 40 children in Nankana Sahib Pakistan their School fees, Summer and winter uniforms, shoes, Books copy-pin pencils, and transport!

What Community Are Saying

“Being a volunteer with KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY has made me a better person. It gave me the opportunity to connect with so many different people who have come together for a shared interest and goal. I am now a proud team worker"

Fahad Raee

“Volunteering with KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY brought out the best and the toughest in me. I became the best person I could be by looking at the larger picture and keeping the welfare of others in me"


“I had the chance to work with KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY in February 2020. It was really moving and inspiring to see what KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY had done and was doing for the betterment of children in the current world. I still remember being greeted by a bunch of innocent happy faced kids...


“KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY with its vision to empower forlorn children, women and youth has made great strides since its inception. It was truly an incredible experience working with KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY on outlining its corporate outreach strategy. I’m sure KHALSA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY will play a pivotal role in...

Justin John


Here are the most frequently asked questions asked by our community!

Balbinder singh nanuwan is the founder of this organization!

Yes, 100% are in the right hands. All the money totally spent on the needy people to help in their education, medical, marriage, family support!

Yes, I do. In some countries, there is no welfare system so the only form of assistance which poor people or disabled people can get is from charities. For example, some of the local charities around here provide food, clothing and even education support for needy people which really helps to get them back on their feet. So, without help from chanties, these people would have very serious


KHALSA Panth to Lahore Shahair Book By Balbinder Singh Nanuwan